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Photographer services are part of services offered by Many of our villas for rent and properties for sale have been photographed by our partner professional photographer. We are able to offer service of photographer for any kind of photography, including real estate, villas, nature, commercial (products, fashion), portraits, and events, weddings, promotions.

Price depends on the size and complexity of the property, number of subjects to be photographed or hours that photographer is hired for (events, weddings, promotions), urgency to edit and deliver photos.

Price includes photo shooting and editing of photos. Price do not include transport cost. All details are subject to the agreement. Photographer operates on all locations in Dalmatia and islands.’s official photographer is young art photographer with Master diploma in Art Photography, with many international exhibitions in art photography.

PHOTOGRAPHER services: If you need perfect photos of your villa for rent, if you need photos that will present your home for sale in the best possible way, if you are preparing for the wedding party, if you have promotion of any kind, event that is important for you, or you wish to have art photography to uplift image of your home, villa, hotel, apartment…. our photographer is experienced in all these complex situations, and will do the task with the most professional manner and deliver the best photos in high resolution using the best professional equipment for exterior and interior photography and using great experience in commercial and art photography.

Our photographer is also official photographer of world known travel portals, young fashion designers, Youth Theater of Split and many others.

Have a look at photographs of some villas and apartments by our photographer: Beach Apartment for rent Podstrana Split, Beach Apartment for rent near Split, Apartment on the beach for rent near Split, villa with pool for rent Murter, seafront house for sale Solta island, seafront house for sale near Makarska, and many more.

Feel free to contact us and ask for details regarding photographer services.

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Clients testimonials and press – team is focused in providing services at the best possible quality.

Constant customer care is our priority. We are doing our best in all situations.


Dorota Piernatzka, Poland, house buyer: after 2 years of intensive search for second home in Croatia, finaly we were offered by LuxuryCroatia team the best properties, we bought sea front house near Makarska. We were so happy. LuxuryCroatia team helped us to find renovation company, and now we rent house with LuxuryCroatia travel agency and we have nice income from rental!

Oleg Dobrensky, Russia, villa buyer: I was intensively searching to buy villa on Brac island, on the seafront with pool and 4 bedrooms. I bought villa from Luxury Croatia offer, because they only had exclusive sale to this villa, which was off market sales. I needed confidential partner, and found it in Luxury Croatia team, and they manage my villa all year round and rent it while Im not using it. I appreciate your work LuxuryCroatia!

Andreas Gratentholm, Sweden, rental owner: I was pleased with work of Luxury Croatia team from the first day after I bought my beach front house in Dalmatia and made contract for property management and rental of my house. Luxury Croatia team cleans the house and meets guests, takes care of my house perfectly! They helped me with furnishing, gardening, implementing internet and cable tv. They take care of guests, I collect payments, this is soo good! Thanks to LuxuryCroatia team!

Mike Stothard, England, buyer of house, island of Silba: Thank you for help! Thank you for assistance and guidance through the buying process! Thanks for driving me hundreds of kilometers to my accommodation after you picked me up at the ferry port. You are reliable and very professional! Your information and advices were very helpful and whole process was so quick and simple thanks to you! We were very happy to purchase our Silba house through your agency, therefore we decided to continue our cooperation with you through the property management of our house.

Kali, Lynda Pearl, Mark McClure, Kyle Aduskevich and 40 more US navy officers from USS Aircraft carrier Harry Truman anchored in front of Split  for a week in December 2015:

The dinner was fantastic! It was an amazing time for the entire squadron and we greatly appreciate your suggestion and coordination. Everyone is very excited for the tour tomorrow (wine tasting and Trogir sightseeing). Thank you so much again for all the coordination, for organizing our stay in luxury apartments on the beach in Split and for organizing our trips and dinners in separated part of restaurant where we were able to have privacy, thanks for organizing our spa and wellness treatments!

If there is any way we can rate/recommend/pass on your information please let us know. Your suggestions and help have made this trip perfect and we are very grateful.

Inge Maria Wold Fabic, partner: Adriatic Traveller & Luxury Croatia Property offer a collection of the finest luxury villas with pool for tourists dreaming of their perfect holiday in Croatia. Spacious luxury villas where you can relax by the pool and enjoy your privacy, the company of your family, friends and business partners.

Director Marija Bojcic and her staff have the knowledge and experience, service mind and discretion to provide their clients with a wide array of services to make their dream holiday come true, and there is practically no limit for what they can do for you, from arranging pre-arrival shopping service, yacht and boat charters, to gourmet food and wine supply – and everything between. Marija Bojcic and Adriatic Traveller & Luxury Croatia Property have my warmest recommendations.

Beti Vidjak, partner: Finding a dream home, for the right price, in a great area is not a small thing, especially if you are a foreigner in a beautiful country. It is my opinion that Marija will be your best choice as an agent to find for you a dream house in Croatia. Her knowledge, professionalism, hard work and friendliness will be invaluable in getting you through the process of buying. As a business partner I’ve saw her ideas developing from scratch to a real business.

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Real estate market and how to buy in Croatia – interview in South Africa’s luxury Real Estate magazine.

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ACTIVE HOLIDAYS, daily tours and trips Croatia

Active Holidays in Croatia via Luxury Croatia - Adriatic Traveller Agency

Daily Excursions, Trips, Adventure Sports, Sailing…

If you’re into more active holidays while you travel, especially if you’re interested in trying out some of the excellent activities Croatia has to offer we would be more than happy to organize your activities while you stay in Croatia to make your holidays full of joy, thrill and pleasure with just the right amount of relaxation and adventure.

If you’re interested or want to know more information simply contact us via the form on this page, or use any of the other contact options (even skype) provided there.

Daily trips around Split:


Take a day trip and discover some of Croatia’s historic treasures along the picturesque Dalmatian coast. The tour starts with a visit to the antique city of Salona, former capital of Roman province Dalmatia, and continues in medieval city of Trogir, UNESCO – protected city, famous for a unique blend of monuments and art. The whole tour rounds up with Split and its Diocletian’s Palace where you can stroll along many cobbled alleys listening to old Dalmatian songs and savoring the atmosphere of one of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities.


This tour reveals some of the Croatia’s historic treasures, starting with the antique city of Salona, former capital of Roman province Dalmatia. About size, and richness of that antique city testify magnificent walls with towers and gates, forum with temples, theater, palace, amphitheater and unique monuments of Bishop’s palace and early Christian church with graves.


After Salona, this guided tour will lead you to the city of Trogir, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. Trogir is the best-preserved Romanesque- Gothic complex not only in the Adriatic, but in all of Central Europe. Trogir’s medieval core, surrounded by walls, comprises a preserved castle and tower and a series of palaces from the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods. Trogir’s grandest building is the church of St. Lawrence, whose main west portal is a masterpiece by Radovan, and the most significant work of the Romanesque-Gothic style in Croatia. Other important sights are: the city gate (17th century) and city walls (15th century); the Fortress Kamerlengo (15th century); the Duke’s Palace (13th century); the big and small palaces Cipiko from the 15th century; the city loggia from 15th century.

Return to Split, and visit to Diocletian’s palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979 for being the best preserved Roman palace in the world. The palace is one of the most famous and integral architectural and cultural buildings on the Croatian Adriatic coast. The ruins of Diocletian Palace, built between the late 3rd and the early 4th centuries AD, can be found throughout the city. The Roman Emperor Diocletian spent his declining years in an enormous palace that he had built near his birthplace, Aspalthos, in Dalmatia. The palace represents the most valuable example of Roman architecture on the eastern coast of the Adriatic. Its form and the arrangement of the buildings within the palace represent a transitional style of imperial villa, Hellenistic town and Roman camp. The sightseeing will include the four ports of the palace, its substructures, the cathedral of St Domnius, Jupiter’s temple, Peristil.

Price per person (min. 4 pax)
on request


Traditional lunch in one of the restaurants in Split or Trogir

Price includes:

Transfer to Salona and Trogir and back



This extraordinarily beautiful pocket of wooded hills where each season tells its own story of colors, sounds and patters of waterfalls, is mother Nature in her loveliest, most scenic guise. There are 16 turquoise lakes, connected by series of waterfalls and cascades, all embraced by magical greenery of the beech and fir forests and meadows. Wooden foot bridges follow the rumbling water and lead you through the forests and over the lakes and rivers to a magical place where water symphony connects to your very essence. Each corner of the park celebrates life and abundance and is a testament to a unique harmony of all living.

Plitvice lakes waterfalls - excursions by Luxurycroatia.netPlitvice lakes National Park is the oldest national park in Southeast Europe and the largest national park in Croatia. Situated in one hundred years old thick forest, the Plitvice lakes are considered to be one of the most beautiful national phenomena in the world. There are sixteen lakes connected by 92 waterfalls, whose cascades make the unique surrounding. Due to its many characteristics and scientific values, they are one of the most notable reserves in all of Europe and were added to the UNESCO World Heritage register among the first natural sites worldwide In 1979. The Plitvice Lakes consist of a system of lakes comprising 16 large and many small lakes in a series of stages. The water flows from the Prošćansko lake through the series of lakes to the Korana river, cascading over numerous varied sedimentary limestone barriers in the form of a multitude of waterfalls and streams of enchanting beauty and unique hues, ranging from emerald green to turquoise blue depending on the quantity of minerals or organisms in the water and the angle of sunlight. The exceptional natural beauty of the lakes, waterfalls, the rich flora and fauna, forests and mountain air, strolls on forest paths, rowing, comfortable hotels and restaurants with a domestic atmosphere, as well as numerous other contents provide a pleasant stay and attract almost a million visitors each year.

The trip to the park takes 3 hours, and the drive through the park 2 and half hours – boat trip along the lake is included.

Price per person (min. 4 pax)
on request


Traditional lunch in one of the restaurants in Plitvice

Price includes:

Transfer to Plitvice and back



Dream with your eyes wide open. Make a step into the world of Dalmatia as it once was and discover a world full of myths of the past times, quietness and long forgotten traditions which are stopped in space and time. The eternal play of stone and greenery makes it a world of peace, primordial clearness and unspoilt nature. Here eyes and soul find rest, man becomes a noble, but wiser listening to the sounds of the mountains while enjoying local gastronomy.

This extremely attractive destination for both local and foreign tourists is surrounded by mountains and untouched nature in the close vicinity of Split. The very complex celebrates the tradition of the architecture and the way of life in Dalmatian Zagora in past centuries making it an excellent combination of bygone days and present time. It is visited by lovers of fine gastronomy, people seeking rest and escape from everyday life.

gastronomy daily tours to Dalmatian countryside by
This compelling programme offers you :

Visit to the village and its facilities. Experience the traditional Dalmatia in a way their ancestors lived, amused themselves, ate and drank.
• Duration: 120 min
• Min 6 pax, max 50 pax
• Price:  -on request- (departure from Split or its surroundings)

Option 2
Visit to the village and its facilities. Learn how to make home-made bread prepared under a traditional iron bell.
• Duration: 90 min
• Price:-on request- (departure from Split)

Option 3
Half day culinary workshop with 6 courses and your own personal chef who will teach you how to prepare some of the most famous traditional Dalmatian dishes using homemade ingredients.
• Duration: half day
• Price: -on request-



Nothing says “Dalmatia” like blue skies, gorgeous coastline, and olive trees ready for picking. In just a few minutes you will become a part of a tradition which has been cherished for generations along the beautiful Croatian coast. These trees, flawless miracles of nature, offer you not only a possibility to experience the legacy of different cultures and people that have inhabited this region for centuries, but also a possibility to go home with a personal memory, a bottle of freshly-filled ‘’liquid gold’’.

olives harvesting - daily excursion by LuxuryCroatia.netOlive tree is the “sacred tree” of the human kind and they have been grown with special care and attention. The olive branch was often a symbol of abundance, glory and peace. The leafy branches of the olive tree were ritually offered to deities and powerful figures as emblems of benediction and purification, and they were used to crown the victors of friendly games and bloody wars. Today, olive oil is still used in many religious ceremonies. Over the years, the olive has been the symbol of peace, wisdom, glory, fertility, power and purity. The very origins of the olive trees date way before Jesus Christ. Opinions on where it came from are divided. Some say it came from Africa, others say it evolved in Greece. As far as Croatia is concerned, it is a proud owner of a 1600-year-old olive tree, located on the Island of Brijuni, which was planted by the Romans. 95% of all olive oil production in the world comes from the Mediterranean and Croatia is one of those producers. There are some 5 million trees in Croatia now, a small number comparing to other Mediterranean countries, but its oil is regarded as one of the highest quality “in the World”.

Olives are usually harvested in the autumn and winter. There are several ways to harvest the olives from the trees. One method is by using machines that shake the entire tree so the olives can drop down. The second one is by taking the rakes and then calming the branches until the fruit falls of into oil net that you previously spread around the tree. Another method is wearing a sack around your neck while you stand on a ladder, hand pick the olives and place them in the basket. It is best if the fruit is not bruised because that also affects the quality of oil significantly. The latter method also includes sawing off branches that increases the yield for future harvests. After harvesting which can last somewhere between one and two weeks, it’s time for production. However, you don’t wait two weeks and then go into production but as soon as your daily harvest is over you transport the olives to a nearby oil mil.

price – on request
Price is based on option and group size!
If olives are not in season (late September through December) we organize olive tasting and tour to oil mill.



Wine tasting accompanied with finger food. Visit several vineries located in Kastela near Split and throughout your day learn how American Zinfandel originates from Croatia, how this was discovered and learn about different wine varieties of Dalmatia.
Tour includes expert winemakers with centuries old family tradition of wine producing.
With this we can combine private guided tour of Split or Trogir.
Depending on your wishes for guided tour exact timetable can be determined later. 

Duration: 09.00am-15.30pm
Minimum persons 2: price per person without guided tour of Split or Trogir 140 €


price with guide: 185 € (VAT and Mercedes V Class or Mercedes E Class luxury car with private driver included)

Price includes: Transfers with English speaking driver, wine tastings.



Pick up in the morning and transfer to nearby National Park Krka. You will travel with your luxury Mercedes vehicle to Skradin where you will relax at your own pace exploring the stunning Krka National Park and strolling among amazing waterfalls. After National Park you will visit a local vinery and have your own private wine tasting and stroll through the vineyard. With expert guidance of the winemaker learn about local wine varieties, some of the best in Croatia, and how Skradin area doe to its climate and terroir is ideal for wine production.
Next stop is Drniš with its ancient city center where you will visit St. Anthony of Padua and St. Roko churches, as well as the localities where there was the mosque with a dome on top of the pillars. By then, you will surely get a bit hungry, so we will visit the local smoked ham-prosciutto producer for a degustation. You will discover the secrets of making this delicious treasure-recently protected by EU.

Return to Split in the early evening.
Duration: 9.00 am – 18.00 pm
Minimum persons 2: price per person 195 € (VAT)

Price includes: Transfers with English speaking driver,

guide, tickets, wine and prosciutto tasting.




Located in the center of Split, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, cooking class starts by walking through Split’s green and fish market. Popularly known as “pazar” green market is the informal centre of the town. Rich sights and sounds intertwine with strong characters of produce sellers, locals doing their everyday shopping
for lunch and bystanders observing this Mediterranean heart of the city. Same can be said of the fish market. Local fisherman brings catch of the day and early in the morning this vibrant and colorful exchange of words – banter starts and ends when you pick your fish.
Your walk with Chef will include him teaching you his “insider” secrets on how to pick fresh seasonal ingredients and best fish of the day.
Depending on market and offer of the day you will continue to prepare 3 course meals.
Along with food selection of Croatian wine will be served.

Duration: 9.00 am – 16.00 pm
Minimum persons 2: price per person 172 € (VAT Included)
Price includes: Transfers with English speaking driver, cooking class



After the early breakfast, you will be picked up by your driver and will take a short 50min ferry ride to the island. Throughout the day, you will discover the astonishing nature of Brač Island where you will get to know its gastronomic beauty, culture and traditional way of living. Your first stop will be a unique location among the olive trees where you will learn about olive oil production, taste different varieties of olive oil and have a private cooking class in a traditional stone house built right there in the olive grove.
Second stop will be Vidova Gora, highest peak of Brac island and highest peak of any Croatian islands in general. From there you can enjoy stunning view of the islands such as Hvar, Vis, Solta and others, Dalmatian coast continuing down south to Dubrovnik and world famous Golden Horn beach in small village of Bol.
Bol will be your last stop where you will have your private wine tasting and tour of the wine cellar at one of the best wineries in Croatia. Wine sorts you will be tasting are “Posip” and “Plavac Mali” or Little Blue, two of the best wine varieties in Dalmatia.
Decanter award winning wines will be perfect end of your exploration of the island after which you will head back for your ferry ride back to Split.
Return to Split in the early evening.

Duration: 08.00 am – 19.00 pm
Minimum persons 2: price per person 290 € (VAT Included)
Price includes: Transfers with English speaking driver, cooking class, wine tasting





In the morning you will be picked up by your driver and go to Imotski where you will visit Red and Blue Lake, named for their unique color and both natural phenomenon’s few hundred meters deep.
After tour of the lakes and the city fortress above you will go to nearby 200-year-old vinery founded in Napoleon period. There you will sample local authentic wines as well as one of the best Croatian sparkling wine with some prosciutto, local cheese and olive oil. After wine tasting transfer back to Split.

Duration: 09.30am-17.00pm

Minimum persons 2: price per person 230 € (VAT Included)
Price includes: Transfers with English speaking driver, tickets, wine tasting, guide



In the canyon of river Cetina, just 2 miles from the sea you can experience different influences and culinary heritages. Start your day by going above the canyon and experiencing one of the most amazing vistas in Croatia!
Next to an old medieval church is a hidden lookout form which almost entire canyon can be seen. Then continue to Slanica, right in the canyon, where you will have a cooking class of making traditional dishes using organic local area produces accompanied with great local wine.
You will learn how to prepare traditional Soparnik dish. Once considered “peasant” food Soparnik is made of dough stuffed chopped chard, a piece of an onion, salt and a glass of olive oil and then baked. After cooking class traditional “peka” lunch will be served. 

Price 165€ per person (2 persons min. – 6 persons max.)
Price includes: Transfers with English speaking driver, cooking class




Your adrenaline journey through the relaxing nature!
Escape hot summer city streets for an exciting white-water rafting tour on the river Cetina!
The Cetina river runs through the most beautiful canyon in Croatia and offers you numerous rapids for your rafting enjoyment only a few kilometers away from the sea. The magnificent scenery of impressive cliffs, playful waterfalls and rapids, contrast of the sea, the river and the mountains surrounding it as well as the close vicinity to the medieval pirates’ nest – the city of Omiš, makes it a perfect destination for all adventure lovers.

Rafting on the river Cetina, not far from Omiš, has recently become the favorite recreational activity for the tourists and adventurers who spend their holidays on the Adriatic coast.
The rafting itself, which starts at Slime, a village 20 km away from Omiš consists of three stages combining still water and rapids, perfect for those who seek for the mix of relaxation and adrenaline rush. The first stage is medium in water speed. The second is longest and the most exciting part where you finally get to experience why people keep coming back to the river., and finally the third part gives you some time to relax, chill and enjoy all the beauties that nature of Cetina canyon can offer you.
Also, there are two places where we usually stop to have a rest for a while, where you can take marvelous photos or, if all this wasn’t enough, go for a cliff jumping and swim in a crystal clear river.
Your 3 hour and 10 km long ride downstream ends near the resturant ”Radmanove mlinice” where the van will pick you up and take you back to your accomondation.

Price: on request

The price includes: Insurance,  transport from and to your accomondation, fresh fruit meal and drink, Gopro hero 5 action camera to use
You can go rafting every day at arranged time in the morning
All equipment required for a safe and comfortable rafting will be ensured ( a helmet, lifejacket and peddle).
It is recommended to bring swimming suit, beach towels, shoes (it’s not recommended to go barefoot).
For your maximal safety our skippers are well trained and their skills are certified by IRF rafting federation.


Krka Waterfals & Šibenik Tour

Krka waterfalls - daily excursions by Luxurycroatia.netNational Park Krka Waterfalls is one of the most attractive locations in Dalmatian area that is very easy to reach. It is protected since 1985, as one of eight croatian National Parks. The tour begins with our transport by bus or van, depending of number of guests. Each guest is picked up at previously agreed location after which starts an unforgettable journey towards natural beauties of River Krka. During the drive towards the NP Krka using different roads, the scenery will leave you breathless. After a while, the tour stops in Šibenik, a firstborne croatian town on the Adriatic coast, founded by the Croatian king Peter K. IV. in the XI century. In Šibenik accompanied by a licenced guide, we visit famous Cathedral of St. James protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage. After a short visit to Šibenik and its cathedral, the tour continues to NP Krka and its magnificent waterfall called Skradinski Buk, the central point of our tour. During one hour walk through educational trail, our licenced guide will present you the history and other important facts about National Park Krka, like the ethno village and oldest hydro-electric power plant of AC in Europe. After that follows a free time for swimming, lunch and exploration of the park until departure time in the afternoon. The return takes us through the Dalmatian hinterland where you can enjoy scenery or even take a nap.

DEPARTURE TIME: Split 08:40; Trogir 09:30
RETURN TIME: Trogir 17:30; Split 18:00
PRICE INCLUDES: Transportation, licenced guide, entry tickets for NP Krka and Cathedral,
insurance, VAT
PRICE: on request
per person from Split on request
Additional: LUNCH – on request
(fish or meat menu – soup, main meal from the grill, salad, 1 drink)

08:40 – Departure from Split – Riva
09:30 – Departure from tourist bus stop in Trogir
11:00 – 12:00 – Sightseeing of Cathedral in Šibenik
12:30 – 13:30 – Sightseeing of Skradinski Buk in NP Krka
13:30 – Lunch (more free time if lunch is skiped)
14:30 – 16:30 – Free time for swimming
17:30 – Return to Trogir
18:00 – Return to Split


Pilgrimage: Virgin Mary apparition hill – Međugorje & Mostar Tour

This tour takes you through hinterland of Dalmatia and Herzegovina to Mostar, a small picturesque town on the river Neretva, where the north meets the south, and east meets the west through the 16th century bridge. Visit the old Bazar, the Mosque, the old bridge from where you can watch the water dives and try some of traditional food like „burek“ or „baklava“. After Mostar the tour stops in Međugorje, a pilgrimage place, where Virgin Mary appeared in 1981. Relax in this spiritual place, and enjoy the walks towards the apparition hill. Medjugorje pilgrimage to Holy Mary - daily excursions by

DEPARTURE DAYS: Thursday/Sunday
DEPARTURE TIME: Trogir 07:00, Split 07:30
RETURN TIME: Split 19:00; Trogir 19:30
PRICE INCLUDES: Transportation, local guide in Mostar, insurance, VAT
PRICE: per person from Trogir on request
per person from Split on request

Mostar daily excursion by

07:00 – Departure from Trogir – tourist bus stop
07:30 – Departure from Split – Riva
10:30 – 13:30 – Free time in Međugorje
13:30 – 14:00 – Drive to Mostar
14:00 – 15:00 – Sightseeing of Mostar with a local guide
15:00 – 17:00 – Free time in Mostar
19:00 – Return to Split
19:30 – Return to Trogir


 National Park:  Kornati Archipelago tour

Visit this beautiful national park with more than 140 islands and islets. On this tour you will enjoy cruising through the archipelago of the National Park Kornati, taste exquisite Dalmatian food, enjoy the live music and swim in the salty waters of lake Mir famous for its healing mud.

Daily excursions to national park Kornati archipelago

DEPARTURE DAYS: Tuesday/Thursday
DEPARTURE TIME: Split 06:40, Trogir 07:20
RETURN TIME: Split 19:00, Trogir 18:30
PRICE INCLUDES: Transportation (bus + boat), lunch, entry tickets to NP Kornati, insurance, VAT
PRICE: on request


06:40 – Departure from Split – Riva
07:20 – Departure from tourist bus stop in Trogir
09:00 – 12:00 – Boat ride from Vodice
12:00 – 16:00 – Free time for sightseeing and swimming
18:00 – Return to Vodice
19:00 – Return to Trogir
19:30 – Return to Split


Experience Trogir Tour

Enjoy a beautiful day exploring a very unique site close to Split. Depending on the number of the people on the tour we will take you to Trogir, the ancient pearl of central Dalmatia, by minibus or bus. The old city of Trogir is actually older than the Diocletian’s Palace in Split and the whole historic core was enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage list (in 1997). After a walking tour with a guide around the city, you will have lunch and taste some of the finest traditional specialties. After lunch and some free time for shopping we will take you back to Split.Trogir UNESCO heritage site - daily excursion by

DEPARTURE DAYS: Monday/Wednesday/Saturday
RETURN TIME: Split 16:30
PRICE INCLUDES: Transportation, local guide in Trogir, lunch, entry ticket to the Cathedral and museum, insurance, VAT
PRICE: on request

08:40 – Departure from Split – Riva
10:00 – 10:30 – Welcome drink and a-capela live music
10:30 – 12:15 – Sightseeing of UNESCO’s old city of Trogir
12:30 – 13:30 – Lunch
13:30 – 16:00 – Free time for shopping
16:30 – Return to Split



Adrenaline sport, on a field created using marked trees that were supposed to be cut down, is a perfect way for you to spend your vacation in an active way while enjoying the nature. Paintball is sports where men and women are completely on equal terms, it is a sport that appeals to your adventurous spirit and it is perfect for team building programs. Enjoy a two hour, completely equipped paintball game on a private pine wood field. You can choose between lots of interesting playing sceneries and have a blasting evening with adrenaline rush! This is a perfect opportunity to deal with stress and to put aside all of your problems. Bring your friends, family, boyfriend or girlfriend!

paintball daily excursion

Split–Trogir–Paintball center–Trogir–Split
DEPARTURE: Split-18:00 / Trogir-18:30
RETURN: Trogir-21:30 / Split-22:00
INCLUDED: Transport, full equipment, 200 bullets
PRICE: on request


18:00 Departure from Split
18:30 Departure from Trogir
19:00 – 21:00 Paintball game
21:30 Return to Trogir / Split


Sea Kayaking Hvar Tour


Explore the natural beauties of Hvar island and Pakleni islands. This amaizing tour starts in Port Križna in town Hvar, just one hour away from Split. You will kayak towards group of island called Paklenjaci and there you will have a meal. This tour is designed for those who seek to find an adventure on the crystal clear sea. Sea kayaking tour is perfect for everyone who desires to have an active kind of holiday.

RETURN TIME: Split 22:15
PRICE INCLUDES: guide assistance, speed boat and ferry transfers, road transfer from Hvar to ferry port in Starigrad, all equipment, lunch and drink, insurance
PRICE: on requestkayaking in waters of Hvar - daily excursion

11:30 – Departure from Split to Hvar
12:20 – Arrival at Hvar, instructiones and briefing about kayaking
12:30 – 16:30 Kayaking
16:30 – 19:15 Free time in town Hvar
20:00 – Departure to Split
22.15 – Return to Split



Quad Adventure Tour

Let us take you on the memorable journey which will leave you breathless. On this trip, you will enjoy in the beautiful nature and experience an off-road driving. While passing through canyons, rivers, mountain ranges and roads, you will discover your wild side and at the end of the trip, go home richer for a new wonderful adrenaline adventure.

Quad-adventure-daily excursion

DEPARTURE TIME: Hrvace 08:00 or 14:00
RETURN TIME: Hrvace 14:30 or 20:30
PRICE: 1 person = 1 quad on request
* The price of the transfer Split – Hrvace – Split is 10€ and it is charged additionally
PRICE INCLUDES: 1 Quad vehicle /300 cc/ fuel, helmets, guide assistance, lunch (barbecue), insurance


DEPARTURE TIME: Split 08:00 or 14:00
RETURN TIME: Split 14:30 or 20:30


Diving  Excursion

For those who like depths of a blue sea we offer a real adventure, whether you are a beginner or experienced diver. Leave all your problems on the surface, dive into deep blue sea and you will feel the atmosphere that you will always remember. Regardless of your diving trip in middle Dalmatian aquatoriumage, this is a sport for you if you are in good health condition. Our experienced instructors will show you the basics of diving that are needed to explore the coral underwater world with submerged boats in the area around Trogir.
DEPARTURE DAYS: Every DayDiving-4
DEPARTURE TIME: Split 10:00; Trogir 10:30
RETURN TIME: Split 15:00; Trogir 14:30
PRICE INCLUDES: transportation, full diving equipment
PRICE: per person from Trogir 465 KN/62€
per person from Split 465 KN/62€

DEPARTURE TIME: Split 10:00; Trogir 10:30
RETURN TIME: Split 15:00; Trogir 14:30


Extreme Canyoning Tour

extreme canyoning on cetina river near OmisWalking through the river Cetina and its rapids, swimming, enjoying in the waterfalls, lakes and tunnels + two alpine rope lowerings down a cliff nearby 50 m high waterfall Gubavica and near waterfall Mala Gubavica, which is 18 m high. That is our excellent extreme canyoning tour!

DEPARTURE TIME: Split 09:00, Trogir 08:30
RETURN TIME: Split 16:00; Trogir 15:30
PRICE INCLUDES: transportation, neoprene suit, helmet, lifejacket, guide assistance

rock climbing in canyon of Cetina river - daily excursions TOUR ITINERARY:
08:30 – Departure from Trogir
09:00 – Departure from Split and driving via Zadvarje village
09:45 – Arrival to Zadvarje, our starting point
10:00 – 14:00 Extreme canyoning
16:00 – Return to Split
16:30 – Return to Trogir


Biking Tour

biking tours on the coast and islands of Dalmatia Getaway from the city gaggle. Our tour starts on the Riva promenade at 09:30 am. You will drive the bike along the coast and have a wonderful view of the sea. You will also enjoy in the beauty of the nature in park forest Marjan.

RETURN TIME: Split 12:30
PRICE INCLUDES: bike, helmet, tour guide, insurance

RETURN TIME: Split 12:30


Speedboat excursion Hvar – Vis – Blue Cave Tour


Explore natural beauties of Croatian islands, coves and caves! Relax on crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea while enjoying the unforgettable nature of Vis, Hvar and Blue Cave. This tour will show you all the highlights of the Adriatic Sea in only one day! Allow the wind tangle your hair and the sea leave some salt on your face while enjoying this adrenaline speed boat ride that you will never forget.

Stiniva beach daily trip

Split – Hvar – Vis – Blue Cave – Split

DEPARTURE: Split 08:00
RETURN: Split 19:00


INCLUDED: Boat ride, skipper, lunch, insurance


08:00 Departure from Split09:30 – 10:15 Visiting the Blue Cave
11:00 – 12:00 Coffee break in Komiža
12:15 – 12:45 Swimming time in Stiniva bay
12:45 – 13:15 Visiting the Green Cave
13:45 – 16:00 Lunch and swimming time in bay Mala Garska
16:00 – 18:00 Free time in Hvar

19:00 Return to Split


 Speedboat excursion Brač – Bol Tour


Zlatni rat famous beach Bol Brac

If you want to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, this is the tour for you! Beach Zlatni rat, located in Bol, on the island of Brač, is a natural phenomenon. Ride is on request, no steady schedule (min 4 persons).

DEPARTURE DAYS: on request
RETURN TIME: Split 17:30
PRICE INCLUDES: speed boat and skipper

1.5 hour boat ride to the island of Brač
09:30 – 10:00 free time in village Milna
11:00 – 16:00 free time for swimming, sunbathing, shopping and lunch in Bol
1.5 hour boat ride back to Split


 One Day Sailing Tour

daily sailing tour For those who wish to experience fascinating Dalmatian islands without regular crowds, we offer one day sailing tour on our private boat, with the professional skipper. During this trip we will visit magnificent cove (Nečujam, the island of Šolta) where you will discover places for swimming, snorkeling or just take pleasure in the attractions of the Adriatic Sea. With the wind in your hair, let us take you on the cruise that will supplement your vacation.

Split – Šolta – Split

DEPARTURE: 11:00 or 17:00
RETURN: 16:00 or 22:00


INCLUDED: Skipper, guide, water, beer, wine



Private Boat Tour

Thinking about a day out on the sea, just you and your party, cruising around the islands as long as you want and exploring the Adriatic? Don’t think twice! Welcome on board!
We offer you private, custom made and highly personalized boat tours to where ever you wish to go. Even better, we will let you tailor your own itinerary and give you advices and suggestions on eventual changes that could be made in it. You can choose to visit only one attraction or you can decide to spend the day cruising from one island to another. If you don’t want to spend the whole day out on the sea, that’s ok, we can arrange that, too. You are the one that chooses the location and the time that you’re going to spend on it.
To make your decisions a bit easier, here are a couple of suggestions:
Blue Lagoon – beautiful area with amazing crystal clear sea on an island just outside of Trogir, perfect for a short relaxing trip.
Zlatni Rat – famous must-see beach on the island of Brač that changes its shape based on the weather conditions and the influence of the sea, perfect for a relaxing day on a beach.
Hvar – the island and the city have their own hidden treasures waiting to be explored. You can cruise through the Pakleni Otoci, stop in the old city of Hvar or in one of the bay of this jet-set island.
Vis – island that’s a bit further away from the coast, but its natural beauties and hidden beaches, caves and coves will leave you breathless. Stiniva, Green Cave and the famous Blue Cave on the nearby Biševo Island might be the perfect choice for you.
Blue Cave – one of the most enchanting natural phenomena in this part of the Mediterranean, definitely something you should put on your bucket list. Due to its position, the ideal time to visit the cave is between 11AM and 12AM, exactly the time of day when the cave becomes blue for all its visitors.
Once you make up your mind, contact us with your wishes and we will help you create your own personalized boat tour.

viber-slika-1 DEPARTURE DAYS: Daily
DEPARTURE TIME: Based on previous agreement
RETURN TIME: Based on previous agreement
PRICE INCLUDES: Boat transportation, skipper, refreshing drinks, insurance, VAT
PRICE per group (1 – 4): ON REQUEST
Additional: Contact us for any special requirements as well for the desired itinerary.




– Sailing Excursions –

Duration of each excursion:
– Full day 8 hours
– Half day 4 hours or Panoramic cruise with two swimming breaks ( 9-13 h or 14-18 h)
– Sunset cruise 4 hours (18.30 – 21.30 h)
– Overnight (few days – on your choice)

Departures from: Split, Hvar, Vela Luka

Overnight cruise

On this overnight cruise we offer you cruise on the area:
Split – Split’s canal – Maslinica – Hvar – Komiza – Korcula – Lastovo (Dubrovnik and Kornati is also possible to visit on your request).
Excursions can be very personalized and we will plan it on your request.
(Example: 2 days/1 night or 3 days/2 nights …etc.)
It is up to you how much days you want to spend on your cruise, as well as the places you want to visit on this offered area. For the price, contact us – it depends of how much do you want spend time on boat and where you want to go. Skipper is included in price, he will give you a warm welcome and comfortable ride along the Mediteranean.

Overnight cruise our offer:
1. (Split – Hvar – Split 1 night / 2 Days)
First day begins with departure from Split to Brac Island where you have time to try snorkeling in the clean sea near the Brac island.
After Brac you get the time to enjoy the beautiful Panoramic view of the islands from the boat.
Solta Island – Livka Bay – Hvar Pakleni Islands (swimming and Panoramic Tour) – Hvar Port mooring for NIGHT.
You’ll get chance to experience Nightlife of island Hvar. On the second day boat takes you from Hvar to Island of Brac where you get the chance to swim.
Last stop is Split Port or Split Airport (depends on your wish).
2. Visit sailing week in Dubrovnik
Split – Dubrovnik – Marin Parks and Nature Parks of Central Adriatic Sea
On this one week sailing journey you’ll visit the best places on the middle and south Mediterranean and experience Dalmatia (places you’ll see BlueCave, GreenCave, fantastic Stiniva beach, protected Marin Area of Island Vis, National Parks of Island Lastovo and Island Mljet, unforgetable Korcula’s Archipelago and Dubrovnik’s Archipelago).
You’ll also be able to snorkel and swim with fish in one of protected areas, visit fishermans port of Komiza, port of Vis, world JetSet pointed Hvar, birth place of Marco Polo and lots of hiden coves on the way from Split to Dalmatian diamond, Town of Dubrovnik. As our bonus – you can taste to ScubaDive with our Skipper and PADI Dive Instructor – for free.

Fullday excursions (duration – 8 hours)

1. Sailing from Split – Splitska gates
2. Sailing from Split – Maslinica SPECIAL (with fish grill and snorkeling)
3. Hvar – Pakleni Islands Archipelago
4. Hvar – Vis Island – Green Cave – Laguna Budikovac – Hvar
Departure from Hvar to the first stop on Pakleni Islands for the swimming break.
After the break the trip continues to Vis Island where you go to visit Green cave and after there is another break.
Second stop is Laguna Budikovac where is lunch organized as well as swimming.
Last route is Hvar Pakleni Islands and returning to Hvar.
5. Vela Luka – Brna
Start point is at port of Vela Luka from where we take you to Islet Proizd and around Cape Cancir down to Islet Prznjak. There will be two snorkeling stops, at Proizd and Prznjak islets.
Sailing takes you through Karbuni and Prizba’s Islets where you can enjoy the ride back to Brna port(destination point).

Split Panoramic Tour(Sunset trip from Split)
Departure from Split in the late afternoon. This is evening romantic sailing out from port of Split to Ciovo and around the bay.
You can enjoy stunning views of sun imerge into the sunset.



Discovery 6 popular and famous islands – (Vis, Blue cave, Hvar etc…)

EXCURSIONS min 6 – max 50 person

OFFER INCLUDES: Private Skipper, petrol, snorkeling equipment, shower on boat, refreshing drinks on boat.

Begin with an Luxury Speedboat day tour from Split to the most beautiful islands on Middle Adriatic coast. In one day you have opportunity to visit famous Blue Cave on island Bisevo, a natural sea cave with glowing blue waters, Komiza fisherman village on Vis island, snorkel and relax at phenomenal Stiniva Cove, Green Cave and Budikovac island. Also you have opportunity to swim on Vis island in crystal clear Adriatic sea. Make the most of free time to explore a very popular and famous Palmižana Bay with crystal clear waters, part of the Pakleni Islands (Hvar). Enjoy free time in Hvar Town and see sights such as Fortica Fortress

Small-group experience with numbers limited to 10 persons / per boat
08:00- 08.30 Departure Split
09:30 Fisherman village Komiža
10:00 Island Biševo (Blue cave)
11:00 Island Vis (Stiniva bay)
11:45 Island Ravnik (Green cave)
12:30 Island Budikovac (Blue lagoon swimming and snorkeling)
14:30 Panoramic ride around the Pakleni Islands of Hvar, make the most of free time to explore Palmižana Bay, part of the Pakleni Islands of Hvar
+ eventually lunch
16:30 Island Hvar, Enjoy free time in Hvar Town and see sights such as Fortica Fortress
17:30 Departure from Hvar to Split
18:30/19:00 Arrival Split

Price   on request

Diving in Modra cave on Vis - daily excursion

diving in Modra spilja Vis

Stiniva beach Vis island




Half-day Blue Lagoon and Trogir tour from Split

OFFER INCLUDES: Private Skipper, petrol, snorkeling equipment and shower on boat.

08.30 / 09.00h -Begin with an exhilarating luxury speedboat ride from the Split Riva

9:25h – Arrival to small village of Maslenica on island of Šolta, coffee break, sightseeing.
10.00h – Spend time at your leisure at the Blue Lagoon between three islands Krknjaš Veli – Krknjaš Mali – Drvenik Veliki. A secluded paradise famed for its turquoise crystal clear waters

Make use of provided snorkeling equipment to explore the lagoon’s sandy seabed

On return, stop off in Trogir , a historical town and harbor on the Adriatic coast. Explore the UNESCO-listed Old Town and sightseeing like the Cathedral of St Lovro.
14 / 14:30h – return to Split

Price on request

Trogir Chatedral

Blue lagoon in front of Drvenik island

Trogir UNESCO protected heritage site - daily excursions by

Trogir fortress and Tirena wooden boat










Bol is the oldest coastal settlement on Brač. It exists in the solitude of the southern landscape, at the foot of the Bol crown and Vidova Mountain ? the highest island peak and at the same time the highest point of all Adriatic islands (778 m).

It stretches few kilometers along the coast. The sea in front of it is crystal clear, transparent waves resemble a cut crystal.

Bol has many beautiful beaches. To the west from Bol lies the beach Zlatni rat (Golden Horn) one of the largest and most beautiful attractions of the Adriatic. Like a small tongue it extends nearly half a kilometre into the clear blue sea.

It “grows” with the depositing and sedimentation of small gravelly pebbles around the underwater reef. The point of the Zlatni rat (Golden horn) changes shape, attempting to conform to the will of the waves and gentle sea currents.

Dominican monastery, rising in the holy peace is located on the east side of Bol, at the peninsula Glavica. Its museum has a rich archeological collection and diverse valuable objects and paintings.The urban core of Bol is shaped along the port. There are baroque summer residence, Loza with a little church, renaissancee-baroque palace with an art gallery inside it, parish church, little market and Kastil. Stylish buildings modestly fit the harmonious houses made in the original national architectural style…

The west side of the settlement has been built more recently. The mainhotels in Bol are located in the area towards Zlatni rat.

Bol is a locality of exceptional maritime benefits. Its coast with numerous corners of peace and pleasures gives a feeling of a large free space, is created for meditation and relaxation but also for active holidays.

The scent of medicinal sage and rosemary under the sunny slopes,and chirring of crickets is the deepest primeval music.

In this area, each visitor will be able to enjoy himself/herself.

Famous beach Golden Horn Bol Brac

Zlatni rat beach – Bol, Brac island



EXCURSIONS min 6 – max 50 person

OFFER INCLUDES: Private Skipper, petrol, snorkeling equipment, shower on boat, refreshing drinks on boat.

Begin with an Luxury Speedboat day tour from Split to the most beautiful islands on the Middle Adriatic coast. In one day you have opportunity to visit famous Pakleni islands

A group of more than a 20 reefs and rocks situated in front of Hvar Island are named Pakleni otoci. Pakleni Otoci are the prettiest part of Hvar’s, if not the of whole Croatian Riviera. You will see a chain of isles covered with mediterranean plants, dipped in a clear, azure sea, a few resorts and swimming areas, and a number of little, hidden away beaches, stone terraces facing sun, and beautiful deserted lagoons make, as someone said, “An Arcadia in grasp of the palm.”

9.00h – Departure from Split Riva

10.00h – Passing through Pakleni islands, sighting

10.30h – arrival on one of most popular beach on Pakleni islands and free time for swimming, exploring of the island, relaxation and enjoying with cocktails, beach bars.. Etc.

14.30h – Departure for town Hvar

14.40h – Arrival in town Hvar. Eventual lunch with our recommendation of the restaurant. Free time for sighting of the fortification of Hvar, Old town and under protection of UNESCO

17.30h – Departure to Split

18.30 – 19.00h – Arrival in Split

Price on request

Pakleni islands beach bars and restaurants Hvar town central square

Hvar and Pakleni islands - daily boat excursions

Hvar and Pakleni islands in front

If you have not found your excursion, please contact us to organize it according to your idea.

Here are few more activities we can organize for you:

Horseback riding

The most famous horse riding centers in Croatia are found in Slavonia, Istria and Dalmatia.

Canoe Rafting

Did you know that canoeing is a tradition that has been going on for centuries here? Traditional Croatian canoes, which are called “trupice” are used for fishing and transportation on the river Neretva delta even today.


Meeting in clubs and private flying schools, Croatian flyers and paragliders offer organised tours and international competitions.

Sailing and nautics

1246 islands, 652 islets, 389 rocks and 78 reefs are more than a thousand reasons to fulfil anyone’s nautical dreams.

 Sport fishing

Do you know that the first harpoon for underwater fishing came to Croatia at the beginning of the 20th century, and that the first world championship in underwater fishing was held long ago in Mali Lošinj in 1957?


As a true Karst region, Croatia is full of caves. The most famous and most magical are the Modra Špilja [Blue cave] on Biševo and the Zmajeva Špilja [Dragons cave] on the island of Brac.


Croatia is a land with many hiking tracks. Beginners can already start near Zagreb, Ogulin, Rovinj, Pazin, Split and Omiš, and then there are the heights on the islands of Mljet, Brac and Vis.


Unbelievable but true – it really is possible to ski in Croatia! Immediately in the heart of the Istria, behind the city of Rijeka there is the snowy destination of Platak, and just a bit further away there is the Croatian Olympic centre of Bjelolasica at a height of 620 m.

Project Management Services – if you plan to build or renovate home in Croatia

Gorgeous Premium Holiday Villa, Trogir AreaProject Management Services – If you plan to buy land for building a house according to your ideas, we have the solution!

Our team of experienced and successful architects, civil engineers, contractors and construction companies will help your idea becomes a reality.
We will be your project manager who will monitor the implementation of the project, from the first meeting with the architect where you will present your own idea of what kind of house you want, until the last day, completing the construction of house and furnishing according to your selection. We are going to gather all the necessary documents, to take care of all the details, organise and supervise all works and processes, organise the purchase of all necessary items, from building materials to furniture of your choice.
We will care about your house also after completion of the works, and  put on rental market to tourists so you will get extra income. Also we make estimation of rental prices which you can get on the tourist market for renting your house. Our estimations are based on our experience as tourism agency specialised in villas rentals on the coast and islands of Croatia.

Renovation works could be also very complex and long timeline. We are here on the sight to manage and organise all reconstruction and renovation works, again with our team of architects, engineers, construction companies specialised in traditional and contemporary modern design of home.

Here is example of the house renovation which took place in 2015.

House before renovation:

house-10 house-15 house-22 house-36

Here is house after renovation:

13343015_1129943543747256_1651141634623653184_n img_2278 img_2287 img_2288 img_2291 img_2295 img_2299 img_2297



Buying property in Croatia – cost and fees

Why buy property in Croatia?

Crystal Clear Water – Just One of the Reasons

Buying property in Croatia – cost and fees

Croatia – beautiful country to live or retire or just to enjoy holidays

Croatia has much to offer for the property buyer, including an enormous variety of landscapes, a wide choice of unique cities, towns and villages, a great climate, wonderful beaches and crystal clear sea.

Its popularity really took off in 2001, and it promptly became one of the countries that were part of the ‘emerging market’ phenomenon. It opened up to foreign investors, who quickly took advantage of the inexpensive properties that were to be found throughout the country.

Anyone who wants ease of access from the rest of Europe, the clear waters of the Adriatic and an ever-improving infrastructure has got to visit Croatia. Croatia also officially became the 28th member state of the European Union in July, 2013. This is a result of the impressive progress made by the country as an independent state, and definitely helps to promote Croatia tourism-wise.

In addition, as of February 2009, the property market in Croatia became more open to European Union citizens who are now able to buy on the same terms as local Croats (except agricultural land and land in national parks). This burning of red tape in the buying process is not only speeding up the property buying procedure, it also encourage more buyers to purchase in Croatia with confidence.

To read more about the beauties of Croatia, please visit our About Croatia Blog Section.

Buying a property

Property buying in Croatia for non-EU citizens  is governed by the principle of reciprocity meaning the right of an individual to buy property there is on the condition that Croatian nationals are permitted to buy property in the origin country of the purchaser. For EU citizens rule is that they buy in Croatia same way as Croatians, except agricultural land. If foreigner want to buy agricultural land, company has to be formed which will buy agricultural land.

As in all property transactions, the buyer should always use the services of an independent lawyer who acts solely for them. We are glad to recommend experienced and reliable solicitor. It is also essential that the lawyer should speak both Croatian and English fluently.

It is important for the lawyer to check that the property’s title is clean. Because Croatian families traditionally handed properties down from father to son for several generations, in some cases the paperwork is either incorrect or non-existent. Our agency checks all property documents to be sure that status and title are clean and without risk for buyer to purchase it.

Getting a survey done is somewhat unusual in Croatia, but it can be arranged through the agency or civil engineer or architect whom our agency can recommend. This service, with a proper translation, should cost somewhere around €500 should you require it.

There are two main routes for the purchase of property in Croatia – as a private individual or through a company structure that you set up yourself. There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods, and the best solution will be different for each specific case. We are experienced and professional real estate agency and will advise you of the best solution for each individual circumstance.

All steps in the buying process are described in details in our FAQ.

Buying Property in Croatia: Costs & Fees

  • Estate agents charge  3 per cent of the property’s sale price
  • Lawyers charge from 0,5 to 1.5 per cent (according to our buyers’ experiences). This will usually include the Land Registry ownership registration and the preparation of the purchase contract
  • Permission from the Ministry of Justice for a foreign national to acquire property costs around 70 kuna (approximately 10 EUR)
  • The notary’s fee and that of the translator (officially required) total approximately 500 kuna (around 70 EUR)
  • The fee charged by the Land Registrar is about 250 kuna (approximately 35 EUR). Check with your lawyer whether this has been included in his or her fee
  • Property transfer tax is currently set at 4 per cent, as of the January 2017.  (when was reduced from 5%). This is paid by the buyer. Once the transaction has been completed, the change of ownership should be registered within 30 days. The tax can be paid by money transfer, and is then changed into Croatian kuna (HRK)
  • Registering Croatian company (if buying through the company) – public notary fee is about 500 EUR, founding capital at company registration is 2800 EUR which you can take out of the company after registration, monthly fee for a bookkeeper is about 150 eur, yearly company tax is about 150 eur.

VAT (PDV in Croatia) is currently 25% and payable only on the value of a newly constructed building or a resale for which the VAT was already paid, if disposed of by a business VAT payer. It is also charged on the services provided by both real estate agents and legal advisers.

Real Estate Mortgages

The finance industry in Croatia was subject to a quite a large amount of change. Unfortunately Croatian banks have not recognized foreigner buyers as perspective clients, so only few banks will consider foreigner for approving bank loan to purchase property and with very difficult conditions to be fulfilled by the foreign buyer. It is our recommendation for a foreign buyers to look for suitable bank loan in the native country. Number of our German buyers were approved loans from the German banks to purchase property in Croatia.

Renting Your Croatian Property

Luxury villa with pool and sea view in Marina, TrogirRenting Your Croatian Property: If you’re contemplating on renting your Croatian property to tourists for some extra income, think no more!

By renting your holiday house or apartment through our travel agency LuxuryCroatia, specialized in villa, house or apartment rentals, you can earn a nice amount of  steady profit, especially during the tourist season.

At the Luxury Croatia Tourist Agency, your Croatian property renting activities receive only the best and most dedicated promotion and support.

We have official contracts with at least 20 main global portals and tour operators for the rental market. Expected occupancy for our properties for rent in Croatia can be up to 18 or even 24 weeks.

If you decide to promote your home via our agency we will advise you about expected rental income calculated upon the property facilities and location.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to buy for rent, we strongly recommend you to contact us to help and guide you through the whole process of choosing, buying and renting your Croatian real estate.

We’ll instruct you and provide all info regarding the necessary work to prepare your property for renting. team can provide these services:

  • Put on rent your property and take care of the entire bookings/reservations of your property throughout the tourist season (exclusive rent)
  • Organize excursions and adventure sports arranged for your guests
  • Property Transfers  by boat, yacht, taxi, limo or mini bus

We can recommend reliable agencies or individuals who can:

  • arrange fixes/replacements where it’s necessary.
  • make pre–season spring cleaning and  pool/garden/communal areas tidy–up
  • do the meeting of the guests and after guests cleaning, which includes: Registration of guests with tourists authorities. Collection of tourist tax at beginning of stay, Collect deposit from guests, return on check out, On departure, inspect your property,check the inventory for losses and damages, Cleaning of the accommodation after guest departure and before new group arrive,  washing linen and towels,  ironing, preparing property for new guests
  • Price for this service is defined according to every specific situation, and is depending on the size of property, number of rooms, other facilities which needs to be maintained (pool, garden).
  • All of these services can be provided separately.

Grocery Supply and Furniture Buying and organizing installation

Rates per day

  • For buying grocery supplies and delivery to the property: 50EUR (3 hours max work time for this service, gasoline or transport cost not included),
  • For preparing offers to buy furniture (going to the locations of shops, showing around, preparing offers, taking care of delivery to the property): 100EUR per day (7 hours work max, gasoline or transport cost not included)

Extra Real Estate Related Services

Extra Real Estate Related Services

Extra Real Estate Related Services – In addition to the main services Luxury Croatia Real Estate agency offers, here’s a list of some secondary services we can provide.

The price-total is a subject to detailed negotiations according to your specific requirements, however, we have prepared some estimated prices for various extra property services. Please do contact us for more details about any specific service.

  1. Property Management  Services from 150.00 € per month
  2. Rental Marketing & Advertising from 100.00 € or upon agreement
  3. Key Holding from 50.00 €
  4. Utility bills payments – 30 € per month
  5. Obtaining documents for the buying process or rental license – 50 € per hour of work without gasoline expenses
  6. Grocery supply – 50€ per supply list
  7. Professional Photographing – 300 € per 2 bedroom apartment (up to 70 edited photos), 500 € per 4 bedroom house (up to 150 edited photos), other upon request and specification
  8. Art paintings – acrillyc  on canvas – from 300 € (canvas size 50 x 70 cm) by academic painter


Standard Property Management Package

Standard Croatian Property Management Service Package

Standard Property Management Package

Standard Property Management Package – you’re looking for some more functionality out of the package, this is what we have prepared,  an extremely well cost-effective package for you.

It has the same idea of affordable Croatian property management service but with slightly more options added for maximum satisfaction.


If you require a more customised service feel free to contact us anytime!



Standard package services price list – our property management services includes:

  1. Key holding: keeping your key safe and providing access to the property to your guests on your written confirmation
  2. Post collection, basic translation and forwarding
  3. Inspection for major damage (exterior and interior), once a month
  4. Arranging repairs if needed
  5. Payment arrangements for your bills
  6. Testing appliances and water system
  7. Watering  plants, weeding and tidying common areas.
  8. Monthly report on your property via E-mail, detailing the inspections that have been carried out, with interior and exterior pictures enclosed


Price: €200/month