Project Management Services, home building and renovation

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Project Management Services, home building and renovation 

If you plan to buy land for building a house according to your ideas, we have the solution! We offer service of Project Management!

Our team of experienced and successful architects, civil engineers, contractors and construction companies will help your idea becomes a reality.

We can offer project manager to monitor the implementation of the project.  From the first meeting with the architect where you present your own idea of what kind of house you need until the last day.  Completing the construction of house and furnishing according to your selection. Project manager collects all the necessary documents. This includes taking care of all the details.  Project management services inlcude organizing and supervizing all works and processes. He organize the purchase of all necessary items, from building materials to furniture of your choice.

Our company is also experienced tourist agency specialized in rentals of houses and villas. We can take care about your house also after completion of the works, and  put on rental market to tourists where you can get extra income from rental business. Also we make estimation of rental prices which you can get on the tourist market for renting your house. Our estimations are based on our experience as tourism agency specialized in villas rentals on the coast and islands of Croatia.

Renovation works could be also very complex and long timeline. Project management services include on sight managing and organizing all reconstruction and renovation works. This includes our team of architects, engineers, construction companies specialized in traditional and contemporary modern design of home.

One of our partner architects designed this gorgeous holiday villa for rent in Omis area, even designed its interiors!

Here is example of the house renovation which took place in 2015.

House before renovation:

house-10 house-15 house-22 house-36

Here is house after renovation:

13343015_1129943543747256_1651141634623653184_n img_2278 img_2287 img_2288 img_2291 img_2295 img_2299 img_2297

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