Important – how to BOOK your villa and be sure it is not fraud!

LAND FOR SALE WITH SEAVIEW STOMORSKA SOLTA ISLAND (6)Important – how to book your villa and be sure it is not fraud!

Important – how to BOOK your villa and be sure it is not fraud!  If you decided to book now your holiday villa or apartment with, please follow instructions we sent to you by mail to make payment. Please be sure that payment instructions you received are from our domain name email which extension is

If you receive payment instructions from other email extension, be sure it is fraud. Please pay attention to this important detail. We correspond with our clients through our email accounts only from our official domain which is the only way you can be sure that you are dealing with us and not with fraudulent criminal.

Also, before you book your villa,  please give us a call to our land line in our office at Street 15.studenog 1991,br3 in Split, Croatia, from 9 am to 5 pm at this number: +385 21 77 9999 or to director’s mobile number: +385 98 98 13931 (WhatsApp and viber) or skype us at: mbdesign05

Please remember we are registered and licensed Croatian tourist agency, located in Croatia, in town of Split, we are local and we know entire Dalmatia, Istria, every inch of the coastline and islands of Croatia, every destination inside Croatia, every villa we checked personally, Croatia is our homeland and you can rely on our experience and complete knowledge of destination, so you can relax when booking your villa with us.

You can check our legal status on the website of the Croatian National Tourist Board where our agency is listed: Obiteljska putovanja d.o.o.

Only licensed agencies can be listed on the Croatian National Tourist Board.

If you are in contact with any agency for booking of accommodation in Croatia, check if that agency is listed on the website of the Croatian National Tourist Board. If you can not find that agency there, that means it is illegal agency with no license and you are in that case in risk of fraud and abuse.

Please also have in mind that there are large number of illegal tourist agents and agencies in Croatia but also in Europe who are trying to take your money and after you pay, you realise it was fraud, but then you can not find them any more. Those fraudulent criminals do not have office, they will never give you phone numbers to call them (because they know nothing about accommodation you ask them about, nor they know nothing about destination you ask them about), they have fake websites, they are not local and they know nothing about destination. These are few main hints how to recognize fraud. So please be careful and follow our advice.

Foreign agencies that advertise Croatian villas for rent also do it illegally with no license from the Croatian Tourist Board, therefore do not book Croatian accommodation with foreign agents but ONLY WITH CROATIAN REGISTERED AGENCY.

Also, you will find on some world known tourist booking portals that it is risky to pay by wire bank transfer, which is not true. The safest way to pay is by bank wire transfer, because you are not giving any of your account details, no credit card details, you are in control of the process of payment, you write the amount which you will personally send from your account by wire bank transfer (internet banking) to the agency account. So when these portals warn you that it is risky to pay by wire bank transfer (internet banking) they just want you to pay through their portals where they will take larger fee from you or from your bank, for the payment transfer which in that case will be done by your credit card or PayPal (in both cases you pay fee to your bank or to PayPal which is between 2-10% on the amount you are transfering). When you pay by your internet banking, your fee for transaction by wire bank transfer is lower (about 1 EUR/USD)  than by other means, and your risk is zero.

Instructions to make payment for booking your villa were sent to you in mail by our agency in proforma invoice, where precise amount for payment in Croatian KUNA currency (and equivalent in EUR or USD) is given. Conversion rate from your currency to KUNA is done according to the exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank on the day of payment.

After you make payment for booking your villa, you will receive from us voucher –  the confirmation of payment of your reservation and further instructions about payment of the balance.

We prefer payment for booking your villa by bank wire transfer but we accept payments by credit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card, Maestro and Diners.

We are looking forward to meet you in our office!

Wishing you extraordinary, pleasant, unforgettable experience at your holidays in Croatia! You can leave your feedback at our Testimonials page! Team

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