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Venetian Palace on an Island

Sale | Locations: Silba, Zadar | 700 sq m lot size | beds
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About this Property:


Venetian Palace on an Island

Stone palace was build in VENETIAN BAROK Style, by local Architect Batkovic. Stone for house with “balatura” was transported from Istrian city of Kalfanar and Builder was Captain Pietro, who was local.
Palace dates from the 18 century.
Solar wall mounted heating and cooling system. Heating system will use 5 solar panels to heat the walls. In cloudy days system will use heat from fire place.During the summer season wall mounted system will cool down the houses.
State Of the Art procedure of renovation are implemented combining old techniques, original materials used as well as complying with Croatian Heritage Agency (they act as advisers)There are cca 200 square meters of living space.
Terrace is about 40 square meters-located on North side.
Distance to the sea and beaches are about 200 meters to north and also around 200 to the south side of island.
Bigger house are build from hand crafted stone (in that time value of single hand crafted stone was price equal to one sheep).
There are one old 8 cubic meters capacity of fresh water tank, and 2 new fresh water tanks with 76 cubic meters.
There are around the house approximately 700 square meters of garden.
Price upon request.

For more details please contact us at sales@luxurycroatia.net


1756 ship-owner and captain build this as residence house.
Last renovation commenced in year 2006 and is still not completed.
Island was settled as early as in the Roman times. In P. Cove coin of the Roman emperor Antonio Pio from 161 A.D. was found.Island was settled by Croats in the 8 century… The 9Th century emperor and travel writer Constantin Porfirogenet mentioned the island for the first time.
The peak of island history was the 18 century when island ship-owners were in possession of more than 100 merchant ship\s exceeding 20 000 DWT
Today this is Quiet Island mostly inhibited with people from around the world which owned their private houses on the island, or rent houses and apartments.Some of local people living from tourism and from Eco agriculture including production of olive oil, wine.
There is also sheep’s farm and small fishing business.
There is elementary school, Police Station, First Aid and physician Ambulance, Harbor Masters Office, Post Office, Fire Fighter Service,Exchange office, Pastry Shop, Souvenir shops, several churches, Couple of Markets, Vegetable shop, Fish shop, Restaurants, Coffee shops, Marinas for Yachts & boats, Two Ports for passenger ships etc.Cars are not allowed. Only tractors for supply are allowed in the designated periods of day.
There are no hotels or any other industry causing any kind of pollution. There are also no dangerous animals and/or snakes. In the peak of summer time there are more than 7000 persons on the island, during winter population is 250 persons.

Energetski certifikat je u izradi.
Obtaining Energy Consumption Certificate is in process.