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Renovated stone houses with pool for sale in Croatia Zadar Nin area

Sale | Location: Zadar | 950 lot size | 4 beds

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Renovated stone houses with pool for sale in Croatia Zadar Nin area

We are delighted to present an extraordinary renovated stone houses with pool for sale in Croatia Zadar Nin area. This beautiful estate comprises two exquisitely renovated stone houses and a captivating pool, all nestled on an expansive plot of 950 m2. The larger house has two floors, while the second house offers the convenience of single-story living. Combining to create approximately 150m2 of living space and boasting four well-appointed rooms, these residences provide a harmonious blend of traditional charm and contemporary comfort.

The centerpiece of this enchanting renovated property for sale is the inviting pool, situated in the serene courtyard between the two houses. Here, you can unwind and indulge in the pleasures of outdoor living while relishing the tranquillity of your surroundings. A delightful outdoor fireplace also awaits, providing the perfect setting for culinary delights and al fresco dining experiences.

What sets this property apart is its exceptional potential for generating revenue through tourist rentals. With a well-established presence in the local tourism market, this investment presents a lucrative opportunity, accommodating up to nine guests comfortably. Capitalize on the thriving tourism industry while enjoying the benefits of a long-term and sustainable business venture.

Located in a serene and secluded area, a mere 10 kilometers from the historic town of Nin and a convenient 15-minute drive from Novigrad, this property offers a harmonious balance between tranquillity and accessibility. The vibrant city of Zadar is just 36 kilometers away, ensuring easy access to a wide array of cultural, culinary, and entertainment options. Within the village itself, you’ll find convenient amenities such as shops, a pizzeria, and charming cafes. The nearby beach is a leisurely stroll away, allowing you to soak in the natural beauty of the surrounding greenery as you make your way to the crystal-clear waters.

The property is equipped with several noteworthy features, including efficient floor-to-ceiling central heating, a 2.7 kW solar power plant seamlessly connected to the public grid, three air conditioning units, and a meticulously maintained swimming pool offering both heating and cooling capabilities through a state-of-the-art heat pump. The 30m2 basement has all the necessary pool equipment, ensuring effortless maintenance and optimal performance. Additionally, a generous 40m3 water tank is conveniently situated within the yard, ensuring a reliable water supply throughout the year. The property is further safeguarded by a solid 2-meter high stone wall, enveloping the entire land plot and providing privacy and security.

With its enticing price point, this exceptional property represents not only a lucrative business opportunity but also an idyllic haven for those seeking peace, nature, and proximity to the sea and pristine beaches. Conveniently located just a few kilometers from a highway exit and approximately 35 kilometers from Zadar International Airport, this property offers seamless connectivity and accessibility for both domestic and international travel. Price for Renovated stone houses with pool for sale in Croatia Zadar Nin area is 390 000 EUR.


Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to buy a truly exceptional property that seamlessly combines business potential with a serene coastal lifestyle. Contact us today to secure your slice of paradise!

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