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Agricultural forest land for sale, Smokvica, Korcula

Sale | Locations: Korčula, Smokvica, Smokvica | 16000 lot size | beds
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Agricultural forest land for sale, Smokvica, Korcula

Agricultural forest land for sale, Smokvica, Korcula has a land plot of 16.000 m2. Distance from the sea is 2 km. Infrastructure is 150 meters away from the plot. Plot is close to the location near future airport. Whole plot is covered with forest. There is an asphalt road that leads to the plot. Price is 8 euro per meter square. There is possibility to buy neighborhoods plot which is also 16000 m2. Land has a sea view.

This is one of the most densely wooded islands in the Adriatic. The landscape of the island of Korcula is enriched by olive groves and vineyards which represent a traditional source of life and income for the population of the island of Korcula. Korcula is considered as the pearl of the southern Dalmatia and offers to its visitors picturesque walled old town of Korcula, magnificent coastal panoramas, dreamlike fishing villages and stunning coves.

The coast of the island of Korcula is very indented with a large number of bays and coves. It’s north shore is rather low and easily accessible with several natural harbours: Korcula, Banja, Racisce, Vrbovica, Babina and Prigradica. The island of Korčula represents a unique fusion of beautiful nature, thousands of years of cultural tradition and history, and modern tourism. Numerous beautiful beaches and bays, luxurious hotels and summer houses, centuries old olive groves and vineyards, and ancient towns and villages on the island which seem as if they have remained lost in some long past time attract tourist from all over the world to this island.

Korčula is among the most beautiful and best preserved medieval towns on the Croatian coast and in all of the Mediterranean, and is often referred to as “Little Dubrovnik.

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