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Apartment in Vodice near Sibenik

Sale | Locations: Šibenik, Vodice | lot size | beds
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Apartment in Vodice near Sibenik

Apartment in Vodice near Sibenik is a two bedroom apartment on the first floor of 2 storey building with a total area of 46m2.

It consists of one bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, hallway, balcony and a parking space in front of the building.
The building is located at the end of the street (no traffic).

The apartment has a separate scale for water and electricity, air conditioning and fully furnished.

The apartment is 10 minutes walk from the beach.

Vodice is a tourist destination located by the sea in a bay, not so far away from the town of Sibenik ( around 10 km). The city is rich with water and that is exactly what gives it its name- Vodice which could be translated to “Small waters”. Vodice is an ideal destination with vivid summer nights and rich offer where everyone can find a bit for them own self. If you are looking for an active vacation, Vodice is perfect for you, and to prove this, Vodice received an award named “The flower of tourism” which is given to destinations that have a specially attractive tourism offer. There are many sports that you can engage here, such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, cycling, diving and others. Another award that Vodice obtains is the so called “Blue flag” award, given to the town for the large marina in the center that has more than 400 berths, mostly for the infrastructure and other services that they offer. There are beautiful beaches in Vodice for you to visit, sunbathe, swim and relax in, such as the Blue Beach (Plava plaza), especially interesting to children.

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