Extra Real Estate Related Services

Extra Real Estate Related Services

Extra Real Estate Related Services – In addition to the main services Luxury Croatia Real Estate agency offers, here’s a list of some secondary services we can provide.

The price-total is a subject to detailed negotiations according to your specific requirements, however, we have prepared some estimated prices for various extra property services. Please do contact us for more details about any specific service.

  1. Property Management  Services from 150.00 € per month
  2. Rental Marketing & Advertising from 100.00 € or upon agreement
  3. Key Holding from 50.00 €
  4. Utility bills payments – 30 € per month
  5. Obtaining documents for the buying process or rental license – 50 € per hour of work without gasoline expenses
  6. Grocery supply – 50€ per supply list
  7. Professional Photographing – 300 € per 2 bedroom apartment (up to 70 edited photos), 500 € per 4 bedroom house (up to 150 edited photos), other upon request and specification
  8. Art paintings – acrillyc  on canvas – from 300 € (canvas size 50 x 70 cm) by academic painter


Standard Property Management Package

Standard Croatian Property Management Service Package

Standard Property Management Package

Standard Property Management Package – you’re looking for some more functionality out of the package, this is what we have prepared,  an extremely well cost-effective package for you.

It has the same idea of affordable Croatian property management service but with slightly more options added for maximum satisfaction.


If you require a more customised service feel free to contact us anytime!



Standard package services price list – our property management services includes:

  1. Key holding: keeping your key safe and providing access to the property to your guests on your written confirmation
  2. Post collection, basic translation and forwarding
  3. Inspection for major damage (exterior and interior), once a month
  4. Arranging repairs if needed
  5. Payment arrangements for your bills
  6. Testing appliances and water system
  7. Watering  plants, weeding and tidying common areas.
  8. Monthly report on your property via E-mail, detailing the inspections that have been carried out, with interior and exterior pictures enclosed


Price: €200/month