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Luxury Castle for Rent, Maslinica, Šolta


Luxury Castle for Rent, Maslinica, Šolta: Hotel & Restaurant are located in a historic castle in Maslinica on the island of Šolta's west coast. It is a place which vividly evokes visions of sparkl...

Seaside Castle for Rent, Ugljan

(RE: C-FR-UG-01)

Seaside Castle for Rent, Ugljan: With pride of our tradition Castle offers top quality accommodation in 4 luxury suites. There you will find an oasis of peace and relaxing experience of centennial garden. Castle Apartments ...


Old watermill for sale, Trogir, Croatia

This fortified water-mill from the Renaissance is an elongated structure with a two-floor tower at the centre. Old stone castle/watermill dating from the 16th century located  3 km from t...


Seafront Castle for Sale, Trogir Area

Building of historical and cultural (castle), dating from the early 1500's, located in a center location and near the sea Planned to build 25 rooms in a hotel room (convertible into private apartments), more restaurant ...


Medieval Castle - Heritage

The Castle was built near Zagreb first mentioned in 1249 as part of the foothill region parish. After changing owners several times, it came as a gift by the King Matija Korvin ( 1443-1490) King of Croatia ...
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