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Renovated Sea Front VIlla, Vis Island

Sale | Location: Vis | lot size | beds
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Renovated Sea Front VIlla, Vis Island

Ground floor:88m2

First floor:85m2
Two taverns:43m2
Pool: around 30m2

Beautiful Villa with swimming pool and stunning sea view, perfect for an amazing holiday. It is on a great location, close to a lot of nice beaches.

Obtaining Energy Consumption Certificate is in process.
The island of Vis is a pearl among Croatian Adriatic islands, left untouched by the development of tourism for so many years – due to its strategic location on the open sea, it served as a military zone for many years. Since the independence of Croatia, the island began opening slowly to the outside world, offering it’s unique traditions, history, cultural heritage and natural beauties to the outside world, and it is slowly becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. During the long and turbulent history of the island of Vis, many of it’s inhabitants were leaving the island in search for better life, mainly across the ocean to Americas and Australia, taking with them their knowledge and skills and helping developing this emerging countries. Today, many of their descendants from all over the world come to visit the island of their forefathers, and are astounded by the beauty and the cultural heritage of their homeland, wondering why their ancestors ever left the island of Vis. There are many of reasons, but most common ones were economic reasons – in the past the livelihood of the inhabitants of the island of Vis mainly depended on agriculture and fishing, and seasonal shortfalls of production due to bad weather or pestilence would render great economic difficulties for the population of the island of Vis, forcing them to leave the island. Today, this trend has changed and many foreigners come to the island of Vis, never to leave it again – making this beautiful Croatian island their home.

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