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Villa with pool no.2, Liznjan, Istria

Rent | Locations: Istria, Liznjan | 477 lot size | 3 beds
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Property Details:

  • Categories: Villa
  • Square meters: 120

About this Property:

Villa with pool no.2, Liznjan, Istria


Villa with pool no.2, Liznjan, Istria: The villa has 3 bedrooms and living room with a kitchen and a dining room. The villa has air-conditioning and gas central heating with buried gas tanks. Each floor has separate sanitary facilities. The rooms with ceramic tiles have underfloor heating, and other rooms are equipped with first-class parquet floors and an indoor fireplace. The villa has its own garden with indigenous plants, its own outdoor grill, a pool with underwater LED lighting reflectors and two parking places.

Prices 2017 per week in Eur:

Jan 07th-May 20th     1100€/week
May 21th-June 16th    1460€/week
Jun 17th-Jun30th       1600€/week
Jul 1st-Jul7th               2300€/week
Jul 8th-Aug 18th         2655€/week
Aug 19th-Sep 1st         2300€/week
Sep 2nd-Sep 8th         1800€/week
Sep 9th-Sep15th          1600€/week
Sep 16th-Sep 22nd     1460€/week
Sep 23rd-Dec 31st       1100€/week

Welcome to Istria, a heart-shaped piece of heaven on the Adriatic. This beautiful piece of land is the largest peninsula in the Adriatic sea, known for their mild climate, clear blue sea and overflowing with natural beauties and heritage that you are yet to discover. It is located between the Gulf of Trieste and the Kvarner Gulf, and this area includes the Ucka mountain ridge and a few rivers, such as Dragonja, Mirna, Pazincica and Rasa, creating a wonderful surrounding to enjoy yourself in. Basically, whatever city you go for in Istria, you can’t go wrong, as each one is special in its own way, and it is also easy to base yourself in one city and explore the others day by day cause everything is within one hour of distance.Istria has good connections to the outside world with the Pula’s international airport that provides air traffic from various destinations in the domestic and international travels, especially in Europe with a number of flights from Ireland or United Kingdom. If you are traveling in Italy, you can easily come to Istria with a bus, boat or a catamaran from places such as Trieste or Venice.

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